How to write a really great paragraph?

Paragraph is seems like hamburger. Let’s check this out! 🙂

Hmmm..yummy 😀

Hamburger Paragraphs


 The Topic Sentence  -> (Top Bun)


•Very first sentence of your paragraph.

Always needs to be indented.

•Tells what your paragraph is going to be about.

The First Detail -> (Lettuce)

“Supporting ideas”


•Should not be the most important detail.

•Needs to follow directly after the topic sentence.

•Needs to be full of good “lettucy” details!
 The Second Detail-> (Tomato)
•Still not be the most important detail.

•Needs to start differently than other sentences.

•Needs to be full of good “cheesy” details!
 The Last Detail-> (Meat)
•Finally!!  The most important detail.

•Should start differently than most of the other sentences.

•Needs to be full of good “meaty” details!
The Closing Sentence-> (Bottom Bun)
•Should look a lot like the topic sentence.

•Needs to summarize the topic.

•Needs to be an obvious end to the sentence.

The Eight Parts of Speech



parts of speech

parts of speech poster

The Definition of Noun, Noun is everything around us such as;
  • Person  – Chemical substance
  • Place   – Wisdom
  • Thing   – Hamburger
  • Water  – Book
  • Air   – Gold, etc
  • Plants and animals live

The Use of Noun

Noun can be; the subject of the sentence, object of the verb, and object of preposition.

 N + Be/verb + Complement

Noun can be:

  • Name of Person
  • Name of Places
  • Name of Things
  • Name of Professions
  • Name of Animal and plant
  • The Name of Abstract Noun.  ex; information, happiness,…….
  • Name of Activities
  • Name of days and months
  • Name of Subjects
  • Name of Families. ex: father, mother, mother in law, nephew, niece, cousin……..